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Using Social Media to boost your BRAND!

Boost your brand into 2018 and BEYOND.

Social Media is full of potential customers and/or clients seeking your services. Look at the staggering amount of individuals using social media daily.

An average of 1.32 BILLION people log on to Facebook daily. Even with the estimated 83 million fake accounts there are a number of people for you and your business to reach. That’s just one of the social media platforms you can use to boost your brand.

We’re going to break down some tips and practices to use for your social media strategy. First of all there is no one track method to getting your name out there. A variety of efforts tried and proven by a number of businesses exist with new practices continuing to develop.

Tips to consider for Social Media:

You may hear of brand awareness and simply think is my logo visible. Brand awareness is something you will continue to work on raising as your company grows, just as we gave the estimate of online users you should consider the same to be true of businesses advertising the same products/services you offer.

What really is setting your brand apart? We all have a unique story to share. The best services/products and prices are not the only reason customers support your business they want to know the story behind a brand. Share your story on your social media.

Content! A word seen often on the internet be mindful of the content you introduce to your audience. Make it useful to the reader, not a direct pitch of your product or service. Sharing tutorials, quick facts, and news related to your industry that will add value to your reader’s life. Consider what’s worth sharing that a reader may pass along.

Engage with your community. Social media is designed to connect people to exchange information. Reach out and interact with your followers/supporters, and most importantly those already subscribed to your email list. Conduct social listening get an understanding on what conversations and content appeals to your audience. Social listening goes beyond monitoring and replying to incoming questions or comments about your brand. Foster the culture you want developed in your community by sharing and reposting relevant information. With social listening, you identify topics your audience cares about without having to guess.

Apply and try out our suggestions. Let us know what’s working or better let us know what’s new in social media trends to boost your brand.





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